Sheraton Music City Hotel
Nashville, TN

January 10 - 13, 2018
Rules & Regulations

General Rules & Regulations

1. Have a lot of FUN! 2. Have a lot more FUN! 3. Follow all the rules and have as much FUN as you can stand! 4. Have more FUN than you can possibly imagine!

Entry to Ballroom
You must have the appropriate ticket to enter the ballroom during any session.

Costumes are permitted in all adult levels of entry. All costumes are to be in good taste and must represent the style of dance in which you have entered. Newcomers and Pre-Bronze, a social dance attire is more recommended. Juniors (under 15) are not permitted to wear costumes. See NDCA rules for details.

You must abide by all deadlines. The entry deadline is 12/15/2017. Your deadline for making hotel reservations is 12/27/2017. A $25.00 late fee per person in your group will be charged to your account if the entries are received after this date. YOUR POINTS AND PRIZE MONEY IS SUBJECT TO DISQUALIFICATION IF YOU ARE PAST THE DEADLINE FOR ENTRIES -- NO EXCEPTIONS.

Refund for Tickets and Entries
To receive any refund, all cancellations and changes must be done 2 weeks prior to start date of the event. Any cancellation after that is subject to a 25% penalty. Any cancellation during the event is subject to no refund. Circumstances pending.

Competition Schedule
You must follow the competition schedule as it is posted in the final program. You must be in the ballroom and ready to dance your event 30 minutes prior to that events posted time. If you miss your event it is forfeitted. There is no time in the schedule for a make-up and there is no refund on a missed event.

Loss, Theft and Injury
The Nashville Starz Dance Spectacular will not be held responsible for any personal property lost or stolen from the ballroom before, during or after the event.

The Nashville Starz Dance Spectacular will not be held responsible for any injury incurred before, during, or after the event. Participants should ENTER AT THEIR OWN RISK.

You must present yourself in an sportsmanlike appropriate manner. To up-hold the most respect for yourself, your competitor and your judges. There will be no confronting your adjudicators regarding his or her scores. Refrain from being on the dance floor while competition is being danced. There is no practicing on the dance floor while awards are being given out. If you find anything to be unfair in your results or judging, please see the chairman of judges.

There is to be no fraternization between competitors and judges during and immediately rior to the event. Please refrain until after completion of the event.

Judges must refrain from consuming alcoholic beverages during or immediately prior to judging hours.

All competitors must be registered with the National Dance Council of America. Your NDCA # must be registered or applied before before you may compete. Your entry will be denied if you are not registered. If you are not a current member you may register with the NDCA upon your arrival to the Nashville Starz.

Competitors must follow all rules as set forth by the NDCA. Check the NDCA handbook for details on all posted events.

Showcase Solos & Showdance
Pro-Am solo showcase routines cannot exceed 3 minutes.
Professional showdance routines cannot exceed 4 minutes.

Private Video Recording
Private video recording is STRICTLY FORBIDDEN. No exceptions.

All types of private video devices found in the ballroom, including but not limited to analog and digital video cameras, digital still cameras with video capability, and computers with mounted cameras will be confiscated for the duration of the session. Spectators committing multiple offenses may be removed from the ballroom, and refunds will not be given.

Door Prizes
Door prizes must be claimed during the event.

Smoking is strictly prohibited in and around the ballroom during the event.

Freestyle Vouchers
Al vouchers received during freestyle events may only be redeemed at the following year of Nashville Starz. All vouchers are expired after that following year.

Freestyle Events
Men and ladies freestyel events may be combimed to prevent any un-contested event. Additions are welcomed providing it does not effect the schedule of events.

Age levels

  • PreTeen: 9-11
  • Junior: 12-15
  • A1 - 16-35
  • A2 - 36-50
  • B1 - 51-60
  • B2 - 61-70
  • C1 - 71-80
  • C2 - 81 and over

Maximum Allowed Age Division Entries
An adult pro/am student may enter in up to two age divisions, his/her own and one below (i.e. younger). For example, a 40-year old student may enter in the "A2" division (36-50) as well as the "A1" division (16-35). This rule applies to all but the youngest adult age division, "A1".

Approved Figures
In closed syllabus divisions, you must dance proper figures as they are listed and approved by theNDCA. Dancing out of category could result in disqualification.

Maximum Number of Dance Level Entries
A student may compete in as many as three dance levels. For example: Pre-Bronze/Intermediate Bronze and Full Bronze in closed and open divisions. A Student can then dance in two multi-dance catigories per style, Bronze and Silver in two age levels. However you may not enter in the closed Scholarship and the Open Scholarship in the same dance style.

A "Newcomer" is defined as a student who has never competed in the newcomer level at any previous dance competition, AND (1) has been taking lessons for less than one year, or (2) has had fewer than 50 private lessons.

Combining Uncontested Entries
If a freestyle event is uncontested, it may be combined with a similar event. An uncontested gentleman may combine his event with the ladies' division of the same event (e.g. gentlemens' B1 Full Bronze Waltz with ladies' B1 Full Bronze Waltz), or an uncontested student may combine his or her event with the same event one level higher, or one age division lower (e.g. A2 Interm. Bronze Waltz with either A2 Full Bronze Waltz, or A1 Interm. Bronze Waltz).

Top Teacher Qualification
In order to qualify for Top Teacher awards, all teachers must have a minimum of 100 pro-am entries. To qualify for 1st, 2nd and 3rd positions, teachers must have a minimum of 200 pro/am entries. Men and lady teachers will be combined in this category. You will recieve points for every entry danced. These points will be tabulated at the end of the event and all prizes will be given out on the last night. Please check the award profile in the package information or click on 'Prize Money" for further information. Your points and prize money is subject to dis-qualification if your entries are submitted past the deadline,{no exceptions}.

Top Studio
To qualify for top studio awards the school represented must have a minimum of 500 entries. There is no seperate division for large or small studios. Good Luck to all studios.

Dancers Cup
The Nashville Starz competition is a member of the Dancers Cup Tour. You must attend 5 of the 10 competitions to qualify for the Top Teacher and Top Student Year End Awards. All points earned at the Nashville Starz will apply towards your year end results. Click on 'Prize Money" where you will find the point system that Nashville Starz is following.

Freestyle Requirements for Scholarship
In order to qualify for scholarship, a student must enter in at least five (5) freestyle / single dance events for Standard, Latin and Rhythm, or four (4) freestyle / single dance events for Smooth, per scholarship event entered. For example, if you want to enter in Open Smooth AND Open Rhythm Scholarship, you would need 4 for Smooth and 5 for Rhythm -- a total of 9 single dance entries. Nashville Starz may cancel any scholarship event if only one competitior or decide to lower scholarship winnings.

No Closed Scholarship Repeats
If a student has placed first in a newcomer, bronze or silver scholarship at any previous Nashville Starz competition, they are not allowed to enter in the same division again.

Scholarship Syllabus Requirements
The DVIDA Closed Scholarship is restricted to the DVIDA bronze level American style syllabus. All other closed syllabus scholarships are open to any closed syllabus recognized by the NDCA. Open Scholarships are not restricted to any syllabus, but fall under general NDCA rules & regulations (e.g. no lifts, etc).

DCT Newcomer Scholarship
The DCT Newcomer Scholarship is open only to students who have never competed before, or for up to one year after entering their first competition.

Insufficient Entries
Nashville Starz reserves the right to cancel any scholarship event or reduce the prize money if only one competitor has entered the event.


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